KROHNE H250/M9 下市通知


科隆公司H250 M40已經於2013年推出,相比於1997年推出的H250 M9更加精緻而高度模組化。H250 M9將於2017年正式退出市場。

             H250 M9 (Ex i)                       H250 M40/ESK4-T (Ex i / Ex d)           H250 M40R(Ex i / Ex d)

H250 M40具有與H250 M9完全相同的測量管結構,浮子,過程連接。顯示器和電子模組進行了全新的設計。H250 M40具有以下主要特徵:

智慧化模組易於升級和現場維護;可選累計模組具有脈衝輸出和LCD顯示;二線制匯流排供電通訊,可選 Profibus PA Foundation Fieldbus; 國際認證包括ATEX, IECEx, cFMus, NEPSI, KGS, CCOE, EAC, INMETRO

-       本安或隔爆設計適用於防爆危險區域;適應海上環境或沖刷環境的不銹鋼指示器外殼;         IP66/IP68 防護等級(可選NEMA4X/6);通過按鍵可以一鍵檢查4~20mA回路。

H250 M40的智慧模組系統如下:


K1/K2 1或兩個極限開關(NAMUR, 電晶體或干簧管)

ESK4A : 4~20 mA / HART 7.4

ESK4-T: 液晶顯示帶累計流量,極限開關和脈衝輸出

ESK4-FF Foundation Fieldbus (匯流排供電)

ESK4-PA: Profibus PA (匯流排供電)

並可以提供Ex-d (XP), Ex-t (DIP), Ex-i (IS), Ex-nA (NI)

H250 M40配置靈活,並可以在現場進行功能擴展的模組升級或更換模組。

Foxboro S 系列 壓力傳送器榮獲2015年流量控制發明大奬

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September 15, 2015 —The Foxboro S Series Model IDP10S, an intelligent two-wire pressure transmitter from Schneider Electric, has been announced as a winner of a 2015 Flow ControlInnovation Award. The Foxboro IDP10S transmitter was selected from a field of 27 nominees and voted by the magazine’s readers as one of the year’s most exciting and significant new solutions for pressure and flow measurement.

IALogo2015 winner4C

The key to the award-winning performance and flexibility of the Foxboro IDP10S transmitter is in its innovative and patented FoxCal multiple calibration technology. Unlike a typical transmitter, 

which requires the user to manually select and use a single calibration range suited to the specific application, the IDP10S transmitter can automatically select and use any of 11 preset calibration ranges housed in its onboard firmware. These calibration ranges cover the full pressure range of the transmitter. Upon installation, the S Series transmitter automatically selects the appropriate calibration range based on application inputs; and, if application inputs change, automatically transitions to another, more appropriate calibration range – all while maintaining a reference accuracy of 0.05%

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